22 May 2010

i was tagged by afeefah

salam alaik buat semua..

alhamdulillah, setelah fikir2 ape nak post dalam blog ni, tiba2 dapat message dari my twin, afeefah saalihah..this is my first time i was tagged by my friend same wif afeefaah..jazakillah ukhti..

3 names in your message inbox
- kak zu aka al-kahfi
- kak ngah
- syamila misr

your main ringtone
- palestin (
لن نعترف باسرائيل )

what you did at 12 last night?
- same, i was blogging n chat with my friends

who was the last person you went with? where?
- my brother, faiz
- at home, he study at ktd

the colour of t-shirt you are wearing now
- red

the last thing you did
- teach bm n imla' to my little bro, adi because tomorrow he exm

3 of your everyday favourite items
- handphone
- laptop
- cute bag

the colour of your bedroom
- peach

how much money in your wallet now?
- a few, just rm 20

how's life?
- alhamdulillah. sweet memories in my life

your favourite song
- maarikana n ummi ( versi arabic )

what will you do next weekend?
- going ijtima'

when was the last time you see your mom?
- yesterday.

where is she now?
- at kl

when was the last time you talk to your parents?
- yesterday

who is the last person talked to you last night?
- athirah, adi n my grand ma

the last suprise you got
- present from my students ( teacher's day at sriq )

last thing you borrowed from your friend
- books

who is your bf/ gf/ husband/ wife?
- Allahu a'lam

what do you feel right now?
- miss my parents
- miss my school n studetns
- miss my urdun

wanna share with who?
- same, already share

who know your secret?
- Allah Al-Khaliq
- my mom n dad
- my best friend

they keep your secret?
- inshaAllah

are you angry with someone?
- no

what do you order at McD?
- boycott mcd, kfc, n so on

the last time you feel so sad?
- at now (said my little bro )

i wanna tag?
- nobody..hehe..

wallahu a'lam

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